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(Place Info) Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island Foundation (ブキッ メラ オランウータン島基金)

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Maybe most of the Malaysian even don't know this. Its means how bad marketing and promotion work in Malaysia. If local don't even know this place, how do them to introduce to tourist? マレーシア スカイミラー (Sky Mirror) How Malaysia Travel industry will grow more brighter and expect more people to come to visit? Malaysia have many beautiful places and need more exposure to local and tourist.

Here is the Jetty to ride boat to Orang Utan Island. How blue the sky.

Also, need to check for the boat. No much frequency for the ride. If you travel to Taipng like us, please check time to avoid to waste time. Bottom of the blog, please the price list. Think it quite expensive anyway.

From Jetty to Orang Utan Island, will take about only 10min something.

Already arrived! So excited and can't hardly to wait to see them!!!

Here, human is 'on cage' and will be watched by Orang Utan.

It was so cute! (except the male, sometime show us his teeth...) But the female and young Orang Utan was so cute and bright! Some even gave us plant stick and the young Orang Utan even use the stick to grad food. Please don't say that I am finding fault again. I know actually here is a place to enhance the research and development capacity of Orang Utan but whole visiting time is too short because not so many Orang Utan here and really guarantee you MUST see Orang Utan. Its the problem again that the visiting point is too short to finish and too less thing too see. There a display showcase and shop but its was [NOT ATTRACTIVE]. If in Thailand or even Vietnam, will be very different and I can image will be very fancy and many Kawaii souvenir and even a good ambient cafe with Jazz music to let the guest buying something and stay more longer. Right? Please send my opinion to Tourism Malaysia.

Malaysia Visiting travel point:

1 Insuffisient info from website, some was not updated timely

2 Accessibility and less info to teach if go from KL

3 No reason to stay long

4 No advertising promotion and less marketing planning even through paper, social media, internet, TV CM ect.

When impose TAX, like SST, Sayonara TAX, Tourism TAX ect, Malaysia government always say because other country is imposing that why, means need to learn from them. However, other country also manage well the train transport system like arrive on time (What is KTM?), always promoting country and creating selling point to boost travel etc. Why don't learn?

For travel industry, Malaysia have many good places and sources but less [Package] and less [Marketing].

Opss, go back to the blog. Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island is still a good place to visit but only when you go Taiping. Or come from Penang (takes about 1:30H).

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Place name:

Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island (ブキッ・メラ オランウータン島) Foundation Semanggol


+6 05 890 8110


Jalan Bukit Merah, 34400 Semanggol, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

From Taiping takes about 35min by car.

Operating Time:

Everyday (Call before you go)

9:00am to 17:00pm


Park in front of the Jetty. (Surrounding like resort)

My remark:

Please check above.

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