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Taiping Lake Garden (タイピン レイク ガーデン), Perak

【マレーシア 移住 不動産 アパートメント ホテル 旅行 観光 ステイ 賃貸 MM2H ブログ Blog】AUG 2018 大きな木の下で深呼吸!!都会から離れてリフレッシュしに行きましょう(#^^#) Taiping(タイピン)と言えば、この大きな木が有名!!いたる所に大きな木!木!!木!!!のんびり散歩するだけでもいいオススメの場所です!


このTaiping Lake Garden (タイピン レイク ガーデン)は道路も公園も綺麗に整備されているので、運転もしやすいし散歩も出来ます!




子供が遊べる遊具もあります。右がZoo Taiping(タイピン動物園)ここもおススメです。後日ブログ書きます。



【マレーシア 観光 旅行 ブログ Blog】スカイミラー (Sky Mirror)



Place name:

Taiping Lake Garden




Jalan Pekeliling, Taman Tasik Taiping, 34000 Taiping, Negeri Perak

Operating Time:

24H (The lake, you can go any time. Of course no meaning if you go at night)


Park surrounding or Zoo parking lot or some parking lot surrounding.

My remark:

Just a beautiful place and well maintained park is it. As same as many other places in Malaysia, Taiping Lake Garden was formerly a tin mine but since 1880, it has been turned to a huge park with this mine lake. Just a stone's throw away to reach Taiping Zoo. The signature symbol is the BIG, GIANT tree! It [Rain Tree] that grow by the lake. Those branches stretch themselves to cross the walkway and extend into the lake. You can find that many photo related Taiping with such picture. I brought my Japanese friend to visit Taiping and my friend also overwhelmed her and she loves this super nature here! This lake is too BIG to walk around and we just hanging around in small part. There are also lotus flower pond but can't see the flower. Remember we wrote a blog related Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island? Its just about 33min from here to Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island. So we also passed by there and watch the Orang Utan. Of course, if you visit Taiping, please also visit Bukit Larut (Larut Mountain) and feel all the greenery environment here in Taiping.

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